Motivation Mondays

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 For todays Motivation Monday I would like to share with you all a place that motivates me. Lafayette Reservoir in the East Bay is one of the places just for that. As a stay at home mom I like to take this time to spend it outdoors. Not only is it greats for my kids to experience nature. This places is so peaceful and full of natural beauty.

 This envorement makes me feel tranquilty; it helps me to clear my mind and is great stress realiver. For someone like me who as always struggled with being more active,taking a walk around the resivour is always a time worth while. I love spending with my kids and Husband together as a family. I most enjoy my children laughing at the birds and the trees moving in wind ,there is nothing that compares to that. We are living  in a society that we are so focus on our phones or computers that we forget all about he natural wonders of this world.Or the simple things in life that are worth taking a momment to enjoy. I would love for you to share with me what motivates you. Thank you ! and remember you are One of Kind!







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