Toddler Tuesday / Lunch Box


   For this weeks Toddler Tuesday I would like to share with you all that I packed for my Children when we go out. As a mothproof two, I always want my kids to have healthy options that they enjoy. I always like to be prepared with food on hand, because you never know with kids they will get hungry out no where. In this case I had to go to the DMV today so, I packed a fruit that they enjoy, Banana is always a winner, an organic Twist, my little girl loves them. A sandwich is always a winner with my kids and you can do so much with it. Water is always a must have when it comes to little ones, the more water the better. This honestly saved me today, I was at the DMV for 4 hours with my two toddlers and they behaved perfectly fine, which is not always the case. I love to know what are your ideas or suggestions you’ll might have for your little ones. 


Lunch Boxes :





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