Beauty Friday/Drugstore Foundation

For This Beauty Friday I would like to share what are my top two Drugstore Foundations.The first has to be True Match by Loreal.

This foundation is good for the days that I want to wear something more natural. Not only does it melt into my skin but it makes my skin look fresh. This foundation is great for when I am going to run some errands and I just want to look put together. Definitely my go to foundation for that. It can be build able to get more coverage but this is not a full coverage Foundation its more light to medium coverage, just something to keep in mind.
My second favorite is Revlon 24 hours Colorstay Foundation


Now this foundation is full coverage, I like this foundation if I am going out on a date with my husband or if I am going to be somewhere important. Not only is it long lasting but it makes my skin look even. With this foundation you want to builded up little by little because it can start looking really thick. Remember with any foundation the key is to Blend,Blend,and Blend trust me it makes a world of a difference.

Thank you for stoping by… I would love to know what is your favorite Drugstore foundation? leave a comment ..

see you next time …




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