Long Ride Toddler

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When the time comes around for us to take our trip of the year having two toddlers makes it very interesting. Especially if you have to be in the car for long period of time. Last year we all decided to go to Disney, like we do every year(no surprise there) the only difference now is that we had two babies. I was honestly terrified because I knew is was going to be long ride. But I was determined to not have my 1yr old use electronics,I honestly don’t believe that you need to have iPad for a 1yr old little baby. So I new had too make this car ride a super fun with all the things that she loves, but still make it so everything seems new and interesting. So I once again packed her Lunchbox with her favorite foods. We had a bag full of fruits and veggies, books,some toys and of course some music. I had decided to get her a couple new things so that way she can be more exited about  car ride, we got her a couple new books and some new toys nothing to fancy. So we went on our way, the whole ride she was amazing little by little I started to take out the new toys, reader some books, gave her some snacks,and finally she took her nap. The trip was a huge success, I have done this technique for every little trip we have taken sense then and it seems to keep working. I would love my kids to grow up to enjoy the little things that life has for us.Instead of being on their phones the whole ride, to enjoy the view or to have conversation. We have lost those things has a society, we lack communication between each other person to person. I don’t want them to be consumed by technology all the time.I believe that in order for me to accomplish that I have to start from an early age,So why not now… I hope you all enjoy this little tip, How do you entertain your little ones on long car rides? Please share down below. Thank you for stoping by !!



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