High End Blushes

 Hi everyone for this week I will be talking about my favorite High End Blushes. I normally don’t like to spend a lot of money on make up,but when I saw this blushes I couldn’t pass them buy I am  by. Sucker for shimmery blushes,What can I say I am a girl I like shiny things. My first blush is Adored By Tarte, I love Tarte they are great Cruelty Free brand and they have  mazing products. Adored is a Barbie pink blush with slight shimmer to it. I like it because is not over bored shimmer but you get hit of it.


I love this shade for when I want slightly rosy cheek defiantly worth the money. 

   But I have to say my number one has to be Nars Orgasm .This blush is so beautiful, it has a hint of pink mixed with a little orange and a gold shimmer. I absolutely love this blush for when I go out with my husband. This blush is worth the splurge, is one of my staple blushes. 

You can tell by the picture is been well loved, if you are looking to spend in High End Blush I recommend this blush hands down.

What is your favorite High End Blush? Let me know down below… thank you for stoping by… Lorenia


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