I miss you Love I want to know what it feels like to have someone love you I have forgotten what that feels like, I have a memory of it and if I close my eyes long in enough I start to remember and almost feel what it was like. I felt like I was floating, it felt like I was whole like I was complete. I felt joy and beauty. Having someone love you like that is rare and wonderful. You see marriage is not always what you expected to be sometimes it like glass is wonderful to look at and you are fascinated by it but if you punch hard enough it will brake and cut you. It can cut you so deep that there’s no fixing it. All you have left is an open wound that won’t close and no matter how much you try to close it the other person makes sure to keep it open. I miss love you have no idea how much I miss it. No matter how what people say humans need that feeling of love towards an other human. I want to feel special and I want to fall madly in love like I did once so long ago I long for that. I’m reaching for something imposible I hate begging for love from my partner I HATE IT. I hate feeling like nothing I hate feeling like I can be so disposable I hate being name called I hate being put down I hate that I don’t have voice I hate that I feel like I deserve all of this because I feel like I’m nothing it there life. I miss love I miss you love I will hold on to memories and in brace them I will live a Fantasy in my head of what I once had and felt for I know I will never feel that again because that is all lost. I miss you love

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